Thank you London!

We had a ‘capital’ gig at The Good Ship in London – thank you to the lovely audience and those who purchased our album afterwards 🙂 (original artwork/amazing tunes, you lucky devils..)

This year is a fun one indeed as we are starting to film a documentary – because the life of an unsigned band is unique/frustrating/full of highs and lows/no manager to tell you what not to say!

Isaac is our very own David Attenborough – you’ll probs see him now at most of our shows photographing/filming – so do ask him about the documentary and be prepared  to wonder how the three of us will ever be organised enough to complete a film…You can also be interviewed – and forever captured in our world!

Here’s some photos then – it’s all about the visuals..

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCLet’s start generating the Oscar buzz now then….

Best Documentary in Brighton 2014..



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